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I guess my LJ is as good a place as any to archive this. I wrote a letter about a month ago to both of my representatives. I got a response back from Herseth, but still haven't received one from Tim Johnson (owing I believe to the severe stroke he had recently).

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My representative, Stephanie Herseth (now it's Stephanie Herseth Sandlin - she just got married) is one of the major leaders of the Blue Dog Democrats. Those are the guys who vote with the Republicans on almost everything - including the disgraceful funding bill they just agreed to that doesn't place any deadline on getting our asses out of Iraq.

Anyway - in between learning flash and studying probability - I've been trying to compose another letter to her about her most recent vote. It feels like shouting into the wind - but what the hell. At least I have a matter how pathetic.

But how do you tell someone who is a politician that of all the decisions they make in their careers - the ones regarding this war are the most important they will ever face? I mean - if you're talking with someone who isn't a psychopath (I believe quite a few politicians are psychopathic - since psychopaths are drawn to power) but who entered politics to help other people and generally make the world a better place. The basic message I'm striving for is: "HEY! Asshole!! You seem nice, but that vote of yours will bring pain and misery into the world for generations. WTF is wrong with you?" But more diplomatic and stuff - so her aides won't write me off as a crank.


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