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Excerpt from a conversation I had today....

K :What I want to know is why people aren't outraged and marching in the streets.  This is unbelievable!  I did call Sen. Johnson's office yesterday and told them not to vote for it.  I felt like making a bunch of signs saying things like:  Lost your home because of inability to pay?  You still have to bail out the rich who gave you the loan.  Okay, that's not very catchy, but I just woke up.  What would be some good things to put on signs?

Me: Well - I might know the answer to that.  Or at least not know in the sense that I understand it - but it has been written about before.  Did you ever read Watership Down by Richard Adams?  Do you remember the part of the book where Hazel and Bigwig and the others find the warren of the shining wire filled with all of the big healthy strong rabbits?  And they find out after hanging out with them that they are so big and healthy because a farmer leaves food out for them, and every once and a while sets a wire out for them and takes a few for himself.  They had a whole Death culture going on where they even had a poet who would sing songs about the shining wire.  When Hazel and Bigwig and the others confront them on it, they are met with indifference, ambivalence, and hostility.

So I think we are living in that warren, complete with our own complex culture of death and people living in complete denial.  Richard Adams was writing about Eastern Europe during the Cold War when he wrote the book, but a lot of it can be applied to our own situation now.

So for signs - how about "Down with the Shining Wire!"  And beneath that - a rabbit getting it's life choke out in some farmer's wire. people might not get the reference =)  But some might! (is hopeful....)

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